Photo Restoration and Framing Services

Australian Photo Restoration Service is a leader in providing professional copy, restoration and retouching services of photographs. We use the latest specialised high-end equipment and have been restoring photographs for both families and organisations for over 29 years.

Display Reproductions and Conservation Framing -
The reason why

Preserving the important images from the past requires a comprehensive approach to ensure the survival of the pictures in optimum condition for the foreseeable future.

Beyond the immediate digital restoration of the image, the resulting photographs need to be made with materials that will stand the test of time and also be protected in ‘conservation’ quality framing to ensure the images are in an environment that is both protective and non-harmful to the pictures.
Everyday framing materials are adequate for ‘disposable’ images of short term interest, but they are not intended for the long term preservation of important images.
We recommend that the images we produce receive ‘Conservation’ quality framing in order to make the most of the archival qualities of the materials we use to create our prints. We offer an extensive selection of modern and traditional frames to complement your restored photographs and we can complete the project with a secure display of the finished work and a digital archive on DVD to ensure the security of the images into the future.

It is often the case that original pictures and documents are made with materials that are not archival in nature.
Pictures that were incidental snapshots at the time can become priceless heirlooms with the passage of time. Newspaper clippings, sketches and letters can all be on materials that will fade and discolour on extended display in frames.
We can create Display Reproductions of these items, especially designed for long term display, enabling the original material to be safely stored out of harm’s way.


Restoration of Damaged and Faded Photographs

Regardless of how damaged your photographs are, chances are we can help.

  • Copy & restoration of damaged photographs
  • Restoration of faded photographs – from both monochrome and colour originals
  • Repair photos from damaged negatives
  • Remove photos stuck to frame glass


In addition to creating new reproductions of the photographs, we can advise on ongoing storage of the original photographs to minimise future deterioration.

How to get a Quote
For a quote on your damaged photo, just email us a scan of the photo as a JPG image to and let us know what size you would like the finished photo to be. If you have any questions simply go to the contact form and get in touch first.

Bruce Baird opening the new
Nth Cronulla Club House

North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club

The club's most important photographic records were required to be copied to enable restored copies to be appropriately captioned and framed.
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Working with Photo Labs
Australian Photo Restoration Service uses the latest digital technology to help Photo Labs with those jobs that are outside the scope of their desktop scanners or that require specialised handling or artist skills.
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