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Many of our agents of long standing are now undertaking their own restoration work as the computer revolution rolls on.

However, they still call on us for jobs that are outside the scope of their desktop scanners and that require specialised handling or artist skills.

This can be in the form of photographs with shiny, textured or physically damaged surfaces, giant size originals, large transparencies and negatives and occasions when physical action is required to be taken with the original photographs, such as photographs stuck to the frame glass or stuck in a lump after water damage following a house fire or flood.

With our eleven different copying and scanning systems and 26 years dedicated restoration experience, we are able to extend the range of the restoration services you can provide to your customers.

Call us for that Impossible Photo Restoration Job

Contact us when that “impossible” job is presented and let us take care of it for you, and of course, we would be happy to provide you with the complete range of restoration services if required. Contact Us