Archiving Photos & Documents

The photographic heritage of your organisation is a unique, irreplaceable record and often, there is only one copy of a particular photo or document in existence.
The photo of Dobroyd Aquatic Club shows the tragic loss that can occur in just a moment of time.

The Dobroyd Aquatic Club at Drummoyne, NSW, was recently gutted by fire and whilst the building structure and furniture can be replaced, the history and achievements of the club and its members, represented by the photographs and certificates on display, are now tragically lost forever.

Having your most important photographs copied onto a digital archive as a precaution against disaster is a necessary precaution to ensure the preservation of your organisations’ spirit and history.

We recently completed copying the most important photographic memorabilia for the North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club after two important photographs mysteriously disappeared from the display. The Club is now in a position to replace the entire collection should this become necessary for whatever reason.

We can work on location at your premises and copy those photographs, certificates and displayed memorabilia you feel would be important to replace in the event of their loss or damage.

We have worked with international conservation organisations, museums and government departments to document and duplicate photographs of historical and cultural significance, so we are well practised in taking care of precious photographs.

In addition to creating new copies of the photographs, we can provide conservation framing services, including designing, arranging and displaying the reproductions.

Daintree Collection – Archiving a Rich History
Their collection included many photographs on large glass plates taken by Richard Daintree. In order for them to be accessed, they needed to be copied onto suitable modern media.
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